SLA - Busy Rooms


Customer Service Level Agreement


This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is designed to guarantee you the timing of certain services provided by our Busy Rooms Support Team. It does not include events that are out of our control like for example internet availability due to the failure of third parties.

We reserve the right to update and enhance this Agreement whenever we see changes in business that require adjustments. We will off course communicate such changes ahead of time. You can always get the current SLA’s by either sending us an email to or by going to

In order to ensure optimal and undisrupted service, we require tickets to be filed by qualified personnel, meaning people that have been trained on the service solutions we provide. This is to ensure that trained customers receive optimal support in a timely manner. Tickets filed by non-trained personnel may incur extra charges.

The SLAs do not cover training. You should schedule all training and re-training requirements directly with Support. This is to ensure that we can efficiently help you and address issues as soon as possible.

Support languages offered
All support services are currently provided in English, German, Italian and Spanish. Further languages will be offered at a later stage and upon significant demand.

Availability of services
We constantly monitor the availability of our services. However, things go wrong which therefore only allows us to guarantee a 98.5% uptime on an yearly average, excluding below scheduled downtime.

Resolution of issues and contact details
The resolution of any reported issues will be as soon as practicably possible during regular office hours. All requests should be sent to the below contact details. Please only use the below details and don’t yell at us should we not respond timely when using other forms of communication (e.g. mail, skype, bush drums or alike)

Contact Summary

- Office Hours Monday to Friday
- 09.00 to 18.00 CET or CEST
- 08.00  to   17.00  CST or CDT
- (CEST and CDT during summer time)

Public Holidays
The respective offices are closed for Public Holidays

Contact Details
Malta Support Number: (+356) 27761434
US Support Number: (+1) 929 376 0044
UK Support Number: (+44) 20 8068 1988
Germany Support Number: (+49) 201 4986 9010

Urgent Issues, as defined below, will furthermore be handled outside office hours. You should contact when such issues occur outside the above mentioned times. Rest assured though, should you abuse this email address you will be banned for life by our technical team. They love their sleep.

Scheduled Maintenance
We continuously improve our platform and services and therefore occasionally need to make changes to our infrastructure. In order to keep the business interruption for you to a minimum, we have established the following maintenance window:

Tuesday 08:00 – 10:00 CET or CEST (during summer time)

During the maintenance window you may experience slower responding systems.  However, you may also find that our services are temperamental, do not allow you access or kick you out. Do yourself a favor, take it with a sense of humor, get a coffee and wait for us to complete the update.

Supported Browsers
All of our applications and services can be accessed using the current and the previous version of the popular internet browsers Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. You may find that we are really good under other browsers but don’t assume so. We cannot guarantee proper functionality unless you stick with what we recommend. 

Grouping into Service Level
All incoming requests will be processed in the form of tickets within our Customer Relationship Management System (“CRM”). In order to prioritize the delivery of results, solutions and answers, we will categorize requests into Service Levels which you will find below. This will help us to better coordinate solutions for you but also provides customers with an estimation on when answers and resolution can be expected.

The receipt of tickets will be confirmed by email. The confirmation will contain a reference number which you will need for future communication. You can also follow ticket histories within our CRM. For each issue you file with us you will receive a link that takes you to the open ticket.

Reaction Time
We define Reaction Time as the time between filing a request with us and the time we start addressing the issue.

The Reaction Time is in reference to office hours (e.g. a reaction time of 4 hours with a ticket that starts at 16.00 would mean a 11am start time next day).

Resolution Time
Resolution Time is defined as the time between filing a request with us and the time we solves the issue for you. 

The Resolution Time is in reference to office hours (e.g. a Resolution Time of 4 hours with a ticket that starts at 16.00 would mean a 11am resolution time next day).

The above ticket times are documented. Should a ticket not be resolvable within the above time frame, Support will notify you immediately with a revised estimation. 

Service Levels
We have established the below Service Level. Besides lots of technical garbage, we have also given you real life examples which will hopefully make it easier for you to understand how we treat your particular problem. The slogan live and learn also applies here. We will be constantly optimizing the Service Levels to better address your concerns and issues. It therefore pays off to occasionally come and check for changes.

Urgent Issues – Complete system failure or failure of substantial components
Reaction Time: 2 hours
Resolution Time: Immediately – as soon as possible 


- Servers or systems are down
- Entire channel manager or more than two channels not working due to technical challenges (not setup related problems)
- Rates & availability cannot be updated or incorrect rates & availability are within any selling system (not due to setup issues)

High Priority – Issues with functionality that has revenue impact
Reaction Time: 6 hours
Resolution Time:  12 hours


- Websites down or not responding
- Room rates and availability are not shown on customer websites
- 1 or 2 channels are not accessible in channel management
- Technical issues with features on the website that prevent selling of rooms or hotels
- User name and password forgotten

Normal Priority – Functional issues
Reaction Time: 8 hours
Resolution Time: 24 hours


- Customers not being able to use certain revenue generating features of the system due to missing training (e.g. Setup Special offers)
- Create new users or usernames and passwords
- No access to customer information

Low Priority - Service Issues
Reaction Time: 16 hours
Resolution Time: 1 week

- Training
- Activation of existing features
- Other support related issues