Voucher Shop


Sell, issue, & redeem vouchers
Flexible Redemption Options

Sell cash, packages, or offer complimentary vouchers.

Revenue Generator

Generate cash upfront and entice future business.

Templated Themes

Ability to templated look and feel for voucher redemption options.

Redemption Flexibility

Vouchers are can easily issued or redeemed in the Busy Rooms CRO or redeemed automatically as payment method on the Busy Rooms IBE.


Generating direct revenue

The Busy Rooms Voucher Module is an additional direct channel to help sell prepaid packages and/or cash vouchers.  It is easy to set up and manage with our array of templated themes and offers flexible redemption options to Customers either in partial or full.

Vouchers can be redeemed online via the Busy Rooms IBE or CRO.

As a CRS User, you can create complementary vouchers and hand them directly to your guest.

See a demo sample - https://vouchershop.busyrooms.co/en.