Demystifying digitization for hotels


Demystifying digitization for hotels

In today’s digital age, several hotel processes are being digitized and automated to improve guest experience, operational efficiency, and optimize revenue. However, deciding which processes to digitize can be daunting, but if you want to gain better visibility and control across every department and/or streamline processes digitization is inevitable.

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Here are a few processes to consider.

  1. Make reservation management easier by connecting all inventory systems to one consolidated system. By consolidating all reservations, it becomes easier to manage, analyse, and optimize. You can make this process automated by choosing an all-in-one solution or a platform that integrates with other systems.

  2. Automating transaction reconciliation allows systems to calculate the amount to invoice or pay for each reservation. This automation will not only save time and resource but also reduce human errors.

  3. Digitize your rates and availability management process with a business rule engine. These strategies can be automatically triggered based on pre-configured rules. This reduces your daily task but also ensures that opportunities are not missed.

  4. Introducing a mobile check-in and check-out feature lets guests use their smartphones to skip the front desk queue and complete the process. This reduces waiting time and enhances convenience.

  5. Self-service kiosks can be installed in the hotel lobby to automate various tasks like checking in, printing key cards, updating guest information, and processing payments. Guests can do these tasks by themselves, saving time for staff and guests.

  6. A digital concierge system lets guests get information about the hotel, services, attractions, and recommendations. They can use a mobile app or an in-room tablet.

  7. Electronic In-Room Services can improve guest convenience and personalize the experience. This includes ordering room service, requesting housekeeping, and adjusting room controls (temperature, lighting) through a mobile app or smart devices.

  8. Smart Energy Management can reduce energy consumption, optimize resource usage, and improve sustainability. This involves using smart technology to automate energy management processes like lighting and climate control in guest rooms and common areas.

  9. Guest Feedback and Reviews can be collected more efficiently using digital platforms. This allows for better data collection, analysis, and response. This helps in identifying areas for improvement and addressing guest concerns promptly.

  10. Hotels can simplify the payment process for guests by integrating secure digital payment options into their systems. This reduces the need for cash transactions and improves security.

Digitizing these processes helps hotels streamline operations, increase guest satisfaction, and remain competitive in the technology-driven hospitality industry.

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