Vacancy: Project Management - German Speaking - Busy Rooms

Vacancy: Project Management - German Speaking

Job Mission

To be able to affect delivery-focused project planning and implementation skills, in order to deliver web projects with tight deadlines and to also juggle projects according to current priorities. Member must also be able to communicate with different team members from different departments in order to reach project deliverables.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Holistic management of website projects from start to finish - from the scoping of the project, to the scheduling of the relevant tasks on the members concerned, to constantly communicating with the client on the deliverables achieved so far and finally to the release of the product at end stage.



  • Assisting the team at both proposal and bidding stage of prospective projects, not only to clear any queries on any requirements, but also to give a clear understanding of the internal costs involved when it comes to resources and timelines of the possible project.


  • Kicking off interaction with the client once a project is confirmed from the Sales department. This entails sending a quick summary of how the process is expected to be, together with rough estimates of the project and the expected deliverables.
  • Keeping an open line of communication with the client once the project kicks off, in order to keep them updated with the progress so far and to discuss any changes which they would like to affect within the scope of the agreed project.
  • Liaising on the possible launch date of the project and informing all stakeholders involved what is going to happen on the day.
  • Manage and deliver training sessions on the Content Management System (CMS) to both new clients and current ones who might need a refresher session.
  • Follow-up with clients’ post-launch to go through any difficulties which they might have and to also check if they have any feedback on the project which might result to changes to the website.
  • Daily support to clients on issue which they might have on either the updating of the website, or else general trouble shooting on how to achieve a goal with their portal.


  • Coordinating the financial aspect of any client vis-à-vis the launching of their project, whilst ensuring that any payments due are done on time as per contract agreed.
  • Updating the accounts department with any changes in the status of a client, especially if they are decommissioning any of our services.
  • Raising invoices for any new projects which are confirmed directly by the client.


  • Coordinating the onboarding of a new project which entails the development of a website.
  • Keeping the support team in the loop of the ETA’s of any web development project, especially its launch date.
  • Informing the team once a project is ready to be launch, for them to coordinate a final testing session of the booking engine process, from search to book.
  • Raising any known issues from the client’s side linked to Busy Rooms Suite.
  • Assisting the team in any issues which might rise from time to time, especially those linked with the web portal and digital marketing but not limited to these two mentioned products.
  • Communication & coordination of involved third party providers for cross-company projects
  • Consultation & documentation of the website designs and technical planning of the implementation in our CMS


  • Liaising with the team when it comes to new web development projects, especially when certain functionality still needs to be scoped or is in development phase.
  • Clarification of any functionality which is needed for a website project.
  • Assisting the team in any issues which might rise from time to time, especially those linked with the web portal and digital marketing.
  • Raising any known issues from the client’s side linked to Busy Rooms Suite.
  • Acceptance of customer requirements and verification of their implementation with our solutions.

Requirements/ Qualifications

  • Strong analytical, organizational, communication and people skills required.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to new technologies, products and procedures.
  • Ability to work and thrive in a multi-tasked and fast-paced environment.
  • Professional "get it done" attitude and work ethic.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Proficiency in another European language preferred, especially German.
  • Experience with HTML and basic coding skills.
  • Experience in basic imagery manipulation.
  • Experience and understanding of basic scripting.
  • Working knowledge of Google Marketing Platform including Tracking Solutions.
  • Working knowledge of Digital Marketing.

Critical Competencies

  • Relationship building: Builds effective relationships through positive communication that motivates and influences others. Is an honest, trustworthy, a valued team member, and actively involved in achieving team objectives.
  • Personal Effectiveness: Produces outstanding results both professionally and personally by being proactive and committed. Continually focuses on achieving positive results contributing to company's business success.
  • Technical Competence: Uses technical / job knowledge and experience, incorporating functional skills and broad-based business knowledge, to meet and exceed job requirements/ customer expectations.
  • Communication: Deliver exceptional written and verbal communication incorporating training materials, presentations and guidelines. Presentations and coaching sessions to be delivered in class rooms, lecture halls and electronically (telephone/online).

Applicable Competencies

  • Customer Focus: Passionately meets or exceeds customer Expectations. Enters the customer's world through listening and understanding. Nurtures relationships by recognizing and delivering on customer needs and opinions.
  • Managing complexity: Can work effectively in a highly complex, diverse, changing environment. Adapts well to and is energized by change whilst maintaining focus on key business goals and personal objectives.
  • Innovation: Embraces creativity and is open to new ideas. Innovates to improve current working practices / products / technologies to provide business opportunities and results.
  • Problem solving: Takes initiative to identify current and potential problems and determines the best solution. Involves and/or manages the people and resources required.
  • Business Management: Produces outstanding results both professionally and personally by effective management of business processes. Effectively plans, budgets, tracks and evaluates performance of his/her business area.