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Busy Rooms signs deal Hotel Casa Blanca in Mexico City

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The hotel will use Busy Rooms integrated central reservation technology to manage price comparison, sales and guest review, all in one.

Busy Rooms today announced the partnership with Hotel Casa Blanca located in Mexico City. The 270 room hotel will be using Busy Room’s proprietary technology and services for optimized sales of rooms across a whole spectrum of different websites.

For Hotel Casa Blanca, Busy Rooms is able to offer several services required to be successful in today’s electronic sales environment, giving the hotel ample opportunities to further expand over time. Starting with booking capabilities to its website it continues with social media platforms, meta-search, the GDS, channel management enabling distribution to different online travel agencies, live pricing information for its local competitor hotels as well as live reporting of its online reputation across multiple guest review websites.

Angelica Ventura, E-Commerce Manager, at Hotel Casa Blanca explained ‘Busy Rooms were really accommodating to all of our requests when customizing their solution to our exact needs. We wanted something easy to use but at the same time a solution that gave us key functionality in certain areas. It’s going to be much less of a challenge managing all our operations now that everything is within one system. I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the coming months and years!’

Victor Martinez, Sales Manager at Busy Rooms added ‘We are continuing to focus on both central and southern part of the Americas. With the area experiencing an ever increasing growth in tourism it’s becoming more and more important for hospitality providers, of all kinds, to both manage their reservations more effectively while at the same time ensure that they are able to access the new demand for their rooms.’