Busy Rooms launches new content distribution to the hospitality industry! - Busy Rooms

Busy Rooms launches new content distribution to the hospitality industry!

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High resolution images, video, descriptive text and amenity/ facility content can now be more easily distributed between hospitality providers and online sales channels.

Busy Rooms today announced the release of its new Content Hub. The new content management and distribution tool will allow hospitality providers as well as online sales channels to more easily and regularly exchange content required for sufficient online sales. 

Busy Rooms taps into a space that has so far been significantly underserved. Hospitality providers have struggled for years to maintain and update multiple websites with initial content as well as keeping images and text up-to-date. The current processes are time consuming with the end result being that content is neglected and just not updated. Inaccurate content however often results in less sales, unhappy travelers and more support effort for both channels and hospitality provider.

In order to better bridge this information gap Busy Rooms decided to create a tool which better connects both sides. The new tool allows hospitality providers to simply upload and maintain one version of their content within a single system. Online sales channels can easily access content via download or file transfer (configured text file or XML) either scheduled or upon change.

”The hospitality industry has struggled for years to maintain content efficiently. Many providers in the industry have focused on helping hotels to update rates and availability of rooms but few have given hotels access to easy to use content tools. We have focused on simplicity while still providing twice as many content fields as others. In addition we make it easy for channels to get access to the information by simply providing it in a form they can work with” says Sascha Hausmann, CEO of Busy Rooms.

This latest solution is just one of the ways Busy Rooms better connects supply and demand in the hospitality industry. Busy Rooms ongoing strategy is to better understand the needs of both supply and demand and to develop solutions that serve both more effectively. Further exciting developments are in the pipeline and the team is working hard to bring them to market before the end of the year.